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Information Marketing and Book Publishing
A major element of success if you are selling Information products is the writing and publishing of a PHYSICAL book. I recently put together a coaching program with my good friend and JV Partner, Bill O’Hanlon. Bill and I are working together in two different areas. This one is all about showing folks how to get their... Read more »
Reselling Products and Information Marketing Revenue
I sell a lot of info products. Both for myself and with my JV Partners. The two areas that provide me with my biggest monthly checks are from and Earlier this week I was at a conference put on by the folks at GoDaddy for resellers like me. The conference itself was extremely... Read more »
Lessons from the Resellers Conference
I just came back from a conference with all the folks who are resellers for WOW! It was an amazing event and it made me want to contact you immediately. I was sitting next to people who are making a lot of money (well into 5 figures monthly) who are resellers for the TOP domain company in the world. The... Read more »

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Weekly Webinar – January 26, 2011
TOPIC: Updates from Reseller Conference  Read More →

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Information Marketing and the 3 Legged Stool
Anyone involved in the selling of info products or information marketing in general needs to understand a basic concept. That of the 3 Legged Stool. I’ve developed this idea after creating my 7 step process. The seven steps are the complete process, but the 3 steps covered in the 3 Legged Stool will give you the... Read more »