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13 Essential TOOLS for Information Marketing
If you sell information products of ANY kind, please read this post thoroughly. My “mission” is to help information marketers find better, faster and cheaper ways to create and market their STUFF! Along the way, I’ve picked up a number of great TOOLS to help anyone do just that. I’m constantly adding... Read more »
Building Relationships in the Information Marketing Space
If you market info products, you will quickly realize the scenario I’m about to describe. You open your email and find YET ANOTHER “product launch” offer. Not surprising it’s the same CABAL of individuals who are promoting some NEW fangled product or service. Are you SICK and TIRED of this crap?... Read more »
Success with Google In the Information Marketing Field
I got pretty excited tonight when I turned up #1 for the keywords: Information Marketing. I know that tomorrow, that all my change. But for now, I’m elated. As I don’t have any inside knowledge on how the Google algorithm is set up, I can do some guessing like everyone else. Here goes. 1. I’ve been posting... Read more »
Weekly Webinar – February 16, 2011 (with Transcription)
Male: …well yeah that’s what $1000 will do for you. Fred: Okay, here we go. Getting started. Male: Avish! Avish. Fred: Avish is here, welcome, how are you? To everybody who’s just on the call. Thank you very much for being here. This is my regular Wednesday afternoon JV Partner Webinar that all... Read more »

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Information Marketing Domain Names and WHY They Matter
For anyone in the field of information marketing, domain names are CRITICAL to your success. I just saw an ad on TV for a new singles site for SENIORS. The name they came up with was pretty good: My “sick” mind immediately thought of a very demented off-shoot of the name: Read more »