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What Does YOUR Information Marketing “Group” Look Like?
If you’re in the business of selling info products, seminars are part of the process. BOTH giving AND attending them. If you’re in the information marketing field, you’ll probably be involved in doing seminars. If not, I’ll be surprised. I just came back from a 3-day seminar myself. It was being... Read more »
4 Ways to License Your Information Marketing Products
Licensing can be a great idea for many information marketers. And, it can make a lot of sense BOTH WAYS. Both as the licensee and the licensor. Below, I’ll be sharing with you primarily from the perspective of Licensor, where YOU are selling licenses to others. In all of the examples below, I’ll assume a digital... Read more »
Weekly Webinar – March 23, 2011
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10 Keys to Building a SOLID Information Marketing Business
If you sell information products like I do, chances are you’re on a bunch of different email lists. If you’ve been watching, the claims have been getting EVEN MORE outrageous. It seems that anyone who sells information has had to ratchet up their claims to get your/my attention. What amazes me is how ANYONE... Read more »
Why Information Marketing Relationships are Critical: Seven Steps to Building Relationships at a Corporate Speaking Engagement
Building relationships are critical to your success in the information marketing business. I’m good at it when I want to be. I can also be VERY poor at it under certain circumstances. Let me give you an example from a speaking engagement I just did. Speaking can be a major component of your info product offerings.... Read more »