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How Is Information Marketing is Like Math?
Information marketing is definitely like math! Here is a VERY interesting quote from a piece in today’s New York Times. The author of the piece is David Bornstein. He is quoting a guy named John Mighton, the founder of a school of math learning called “Jump Math.” “No step is too small to ignore,”... Read more »
10 TRUTHS About the Information Marketing Business (MOST of the “gurus” Don’t Want You to Know)
1. Money Doesn’t ROLL in Overnight Do it correctly and you’ll make money marketing and selling info products. The reality is that it will not happen immediately. Building a solid business will take time. Time that most people are willing to put in. That’s why the VAST majority of people in this business... Read more »
Webinars in the Information Marketing Mix? 11 Steps to Doing Them RIGHT
If you’re in the business of selling information products, you should PROBABLY be doing webinars. I can think of VERY few instances where anyone in the information marketing field should NOT be. First, let me tell you what I do. Then I’ll give you some suggestions for how to do your own . . . more effectively. I’ve... Read more »
Weekly Webinar – April 13, 2011
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My FIRST Information Marketing Mastermind Group (and why YOU should do one too)
I just did my first JV Partner Summit. It’s basically an information marketing mastermind group that met (and will meet) in person. The weekend of April 1st, I was able to get 10 people to show up at my house in Las Vegas. The purpose was to share “best practices” about marketing and selling information... Read more »