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Selecting Your Niche: Ten Things to Consider When Selling Info Products
In marriage, I believe that success is 90% a result of selecting the RIGHT partner. In information marketing, there is a similar rule in place. Selecting the right niche is as important to your success as just about anything else. There are two sides to niche selection. One is choosing a niche that you really ENJOY so that... Read more »
How to Make YOUR Information Marketing Business “Competition Proof”
Want to know a little secret? If you sell info products there is a way to make it so NO ONE can COPY what you do. Think I’m nuts. I’m really not. Even if someone were to take your material and use it without any changes, they still couldn’t do it. The one thing any of your competitors can’t do is... Read more »
Information Marketing JV Partner Webinar – May 25, 2011
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GoGo In-Flight Services and Info Marketers
Sorry, this going to be one of those posts where I BITCH at something! If you’re reading this, I apologize in advance. However, since it’s my blog, I grant myself the right to occasionally talk about something that really annoys me. If you sell info products and you travel a lot, you will probably be able to... Read more »
A “Clever” Info Product Idea (NOT MINE!)
Want to create a product that people will love? My advice is to LISTEN to your market. Frequently, they’ll come up with ideas you wouldn’t even have considered. Here’s an example. I was speaking with one of the members of my Publishing Coaching Group. I was saying how relatively easy it is for me to crank... Read more »