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Information Marketing JV Partner Webinar – September 28, 2011
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VITAL Resources For YOU as an Information Marketer
TRANSCRIPT: Avish: Alright Fred, even though this course is — this product had just a ton of information, there’s still some more resources people can use to learn it and tools they can use. Fred: Yeah, both mine and other people, and I think probably the first place to start is to discuss some of the books... Read more »
CONCLUSION: Putting it All Together
TRANSCRIPT: Avish: Well Fred, believe it or not, but we have reached the end of this content here. Fred: It’s been a long journey. Avish: It has, it has. And right now people might be feeling a little overwhelmed. So rather than just kinda wrapping it up with a “Thanks for listening” and “Sayonara”,... Read more »
Step 7 (pt. 2): Getting People to Buy More/More Often
TRANSCRIPT: Avish: Alright. The second way you can make more money from your customers is to get them to come back and buy more and more. Fred: Yeah. Now we’re talking about frequency which is getting people to come back to you and buy more often rather than to buy more at the time of purchase in terms of volume. Avish: Okay.... Read more »
Step 7 (pt. 1): Getting People to Buy More/More Often
TRANSCRIPT: Avish: All right Fred, next up, now that we’ve got people buying is, how do we increase our numbers to get people to buy more and more often? Before we get off and running on that, why don’t we just kind of review a little bit of what we’ve done in the previous section about just a increasing conversion... Read more »