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Step 6 (pt. 2): Converting Visitors Into Buyers/Opt-ins
TRANSCRIPT: Avish: Alright. Fred we just went through a long list of primary elements which had quite a bit to work on but there are some additional elements that aren’t as important but are ones still that people should be looking at. Fred: Yeah and again this reminds me sort of my buddy John Kramer’s book... Read more »
Step 6 (pt. 1): Converting Visitors Into Buyers/Opt-ins
TRANSCRIPT: Avish: Alright Fred, now that we have traffic coming to the website, all that traffic is useless if they don’t do anything. So, let’s talk now about how to convert one of those visitors into buyers or opt-ins. Fred: Yeah, this is really important because you know, unless you spend some time. First... Read more »
Step 5 (pt. 8): Driving Traffic: Conclusion
TRANSCRIPT: Avish: Alright Fred, we have talked about all four quadrants when it comes to driving traffic to your site and you know someone just listening to that can get pretty overwhelmed. Fred: Yes, absolutely. It is a lot of material and we have a way to, sort of, do our next step. Avish: Let us talk about that right... Read more »
Step 5 (pt. 7): Driving Traffic: Offline Paid
TRANSCRIPT: Avish: Alright. The final quadrant of how to drive traffic is paid offline methods. Fred: Yeah, and this is where we can get kind of wacky sometimes, too, so it’s kind of fun. Avish: Well, let’s start with the wackiest one, which really to me just sounds ridiculous, and yet you have used it to great... Read more »
Step 5 (pt. 6): Driving Traffic: Offline Free
TRANSCRIPT: Avish: Alright Fred, when we talk about information marketing, we all think about online stuff, I am talking about websites, but there are a lot of offline tools you can use to provide bids as well, correct. Fred: There are, yes, both free and paid. Avish: Let us talk about some of those, and let... Read more »