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Step 5 (pt 5): Driving Traffic: Online Free-2
TRANSCRIPT: Avish: Alright Fred, now let’s talk about some other ways we can get free online traffic. And one big one is article writing. Fred: Yup. Article writing is… Avish: What is that and how is that different than blogging? Fred: Yeah, well article writing is different from blogging in that usually... Read more »
Step 5 (pt. 4): Driving Traffic: Online Free
TRANSCRIPT: Avish: Fred, next up in the traffic quadrants is free online traffic. Fred: Yeah. We’re going to have a total of four quadrants as we mentioned earlier. So now we’re talking about the free online methods of driving traffic to your site. And again, let’s remind people that I’m giving all four... Read more »
Step 5 (pt 3): Driving Traffic: Online Paid
TRANSCRIPT: Avish: Alright, first up Fred, let’s talk about online paid advertising and what do you mean by that and why are we starting with this one? Fred: Well one of the reasons why we’re starting with this one, just to answer that question first, is that you know, one of the things that’s nice about... Read more »
Step 5 (pt. 2): Driving Traffic: The 4 Quadrants
TRANSCRIPT: Avish: When it comes to driving traffic to your site, it’s really easy to get caught up in just thinking there’s only one way to do it. But there are many ways and you’ve actually broken them up into four quadrants, correct? Fred: Yeah, the whole idea here is to make it fairly, sort of simple to... Read more »
Step 5 (pt 1): Driving Traffic: Introduction
TRANSCRIPT: Avish: All right Fred, so at this point we’ve made a lot of progress. We have our product, we have our website; we’re all ready to go. The next step is driving traffic to your site. And this is important, but you know, if you could talk a little bit, some people have the mentality that if you build it,... Read more »