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Step 4: (pt. 5): Designing a Website: 3 Types of Sites
TRANSCRIPT: Avish: All right Fred, I know we’ve talked about this a few sections ago, but it’s worth revisiting because it’s an important topic and that is that there are, in your opinion, three types of websites that you need to have. Fred: Yeah, and we just talked about them a little bit earlier in the introduction... Read more »
Step 4: (pt. 4): Designing a Website: Two Choices
TRANSCRIPT: Avish: Alright, so we have a domain name now and now we have a hosting account. The next step is to actually build the website. And your opinion is there are two choices you have and you need to decide which one. Fred: Yeah, the two choices you have at this point are, number one, are you going to be doing... Read more »
Step 4: (pt. 3): Designing a Website: Hosting
TRANSCRIPT: Avish: The next thing we’re going to need is hosting. And for people who are really new to this, can you just explain what hosting means. Fred: Yeah, well now that we’ve got our domain name reserved, we now have to have a place where that domain name sits. And it’s going to be sitting on a server, which... Read more »
Step 4 (pt. 2): Designing a Website: Domain Names
TRANSCRIPT: Avish: All right, so the first thing we want to do to set up this website is select a domain name. Fred: Yeah we’ve got to figure out what domain name we’re going to use. And again, I think we’ve talked about this before a little bit, but it’s worth repeating, which is that some people come up with—like... Read more »
Step 4 (pt. 1): Designing a Site to Sell Your Product(s)
TRANSCRIPT: Avish: Alright Fred now that we’ve got a product, the next step is to design a website to sell it, correct? Fred: Absolutely, that’s what you need. Avish: Okay, so we’re going to get into a lot of the details about websites. The one thing I want to ask about is how many websites do we need to have? Fred: Well... Read more »