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7 Success Secrets (For Information Marketers and Others) Part 3
3. Getting Control of Your Emotions: Setting Your Emotional Thermostat Correctly   No matter what you decide to do in your life you’ll need to be able to control your emotions to be successful.  In my own life, I had some significant anger issues when I was younger. I used to get a lot angrier than I “should”... Read more »
7 Success Secrets (For Information Marketers and Others) Part 2
Figuring Out What Your True Passion Is What would you do if you had a million dollars in the bank but you were still required to work to access the money? This is the way I’ve always determined whether or not I was on the right track with what I was doing work-wise. Would you be doing what you’re doing right... Read more »

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7 Success Secrets (For Information Marketers and Others) Part 1
Introduction There are a lot of books on the subject of success. This one is mine. How is it different? It’s MY perspective on the topic. And, my hope is that it will strike a cord in YOU. It’s my specific take on how to help YOU succeed at anything. Faster! Definition of Success When you use the word SUCCESS,... Read more »
What Information Marketing Types Can Learn from Songwriters
This may sound like a strange comparison, but it’s 100% accurate. Songwriters can teach info marketers a thing or two about how to do business. I think this will make a LOT of sense as you read through this post. Good, prolific songwriters make a lot of money. Why? Because every time their music gets played, they... Read more »
Marketing to Find Your IDEAL Client
  Let me make one thing 100% clear right off the top. Everyone has a different profile of their ideal client. My ideal client might be someone that you think is a jerk. It’s like most things in life, different people like and are attracted to different types. This being the case, the first thing you need to figure... Read more »