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Amazon Best Seller Program Reviews
A couple of months ago I finished writing a book. I hired someone to create the cover and the interior and then listed the book with CreateSpace, a wholly owned subsidiary of So far, so good. I wanted to get some real traction for my book so I did what thousands of folks do every week. I tried to get my book... Read more »
Information Marketing JV Partner Webinar – March 7, 2012
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Audio Products for Information Marketers
Why Do Audio Programs? Why do audio programs at all? What’s the point. There are a SIX very good reasons to do them. Credibility in Your Field If you produce audio products on a topic, it will help you to claim expertise in that particular topic or field. It may not be as good as writing a book on the topic, but it’s... Read more »

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Blogging for Information Marketers
Blogging should be something that every info marketer does. Here is an excerpt from a recent article I did: Major Benefits of Blogging There are a number of major benefits to blogging. Go through these to make sure that your time is worth spending to receive these benefits. Ease of Use One of the biggest reasons why people... Read more »