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When Selling Info Products: Motivation Without ACTION is BS

By Fred Gleeck

If you’re one those people who think “The Secret” was brilliant, you better get off this train right here.

The idea that you can THINK yourself into a “wealth of riches” is patently absurd and ridiculous. I certainly don’t want to paint everyone with the same brush (and won’t here), but James A. Ray, now on trial for MURDER, was part of this illustrious group.

Can you inhibit your own ACTIONS by what you have (or put) in your mind? Absolutely. But think of this. Have you ever known some really negative thinking S.O.B. who made a boatload of money and got famous?


There are too many examples to illustrate this point.

Whatever you can do to get yourself to take ACTION will help you get things done. AND, help you get what you want in life.

The problem is: WHAT/WHICH action or actions to take?

There is so much BAD information out there it’s easy to make the wrong choices. Follow the wrong guru or advice and all the action you take won’t get you SQUAT!

The people who are doling out the BAD information are often times gifted with an unbelievably strong ability to represent themselves as geniuses. And PROPHETS for that matter.

If you’re with me so far, you agree that ACTION is what gets things done. It makes things happen. It gets your results accomplished. It has NOTHING to do with what you THINK.

I’m not suggesting that you “think negatively” or act like a jerk. That’s just not as easy as having a positive attitude and trying to be nice.

No matter how hard you think, motivate yourself, or even pray, it still takes getting off your BUTT and doing something.

You need a PATH to take and a WAY to get yourself to take ACTION.

We’ll talk about how you get yourself to take that action a bit later.

It’s also confusing because the path you select to get something done may be COMPLETELY different than someone else pursuing the exact same goal. YET, both of you can succeed.

How’s that? Because just as you can get to an address in many different ways on the streets and highways, you can also get to the same destination in your career/job/goal in a bunch of different ways.

The problem comes back to the map. And who’s selling the map. There are a LOT of people out there who will make money selling you a map. Their concern about the map being accurate is often times less important.

Let’s talk about PATH SELECTION. How to best do it?

First remember the old adage: If it sounds TOO GOOD to be true, it probably is. Don’t believe ridiculous claims. They are just that: RIDICULOUS. Second, ask to see proof of results. If the person selling you the map can’t show you his/her results that match the claims, then RUN! Third, remember that there may be a few people that sell legitimate maps. Choose the right map for you by using your gut. Those “Secret” people should LOVE that advice.

What about taking ACTION? How do you get yourself to do it? This is VERY different for everyone.

For me I get things done and take action because I feel I HAVE TO! I have a voice inside me that won’t let me settle for second place. I have to win. Therefore, I find it easy to take action. Because without it, I definitely WON’T win!

The best way I’ve found to discover how to get YOURSELF to take action is to look at your past behavior. What did you GET DONE with EASE earlier in your life? Try and figure out what factors motivated you back then and try and see if you can use a similar system to get you to take action NOW.

For instance, when I was growing up I was a competitive junior golfer. I hated to lose. Couldn’t stand it. I would go out to the range and hit 500+ balls each day because I wanted to win the big tournaments. Without practicing I would have no chance. So, as much as I “hated” it at the time, I DID IT!

What about you?

I wish I could give you one STANDARD way to get YOU to take action but I can’t. I don’t know you. YOU know YOU.

Figure this one out and you’ll be on your way.