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This section presents some of the most valuable content in this site. Read it. Memorize it. (OK, you don’t have to memorize it. But it might help!) These are easily the 11 most common mistakes made by people who are unsuccessful in sales of their products.

  • Don’t overpitch your products. Sell, but don’t oversell.
  • Don’t speak or cover material slowly. Going quickly helps sales.
  • Don’t forget to include the benefits of your product in your sales presentation.
  • Don’t forget to record every single presentation you make.
  • Don’t forget to be confrontational of conventional wisdom.
  • Don’t forget to measure your results every time you speak.
  • Don’t let any product leave your office unless you are 100% satisfied with the content.
  • Don’t wait to get the product absolutely perfect. Get going now.
  • Don’t forget that you can sell other peoples’ products until you create your own.
  • Don’t forget to make people an irresistible offer.
  • Don’t feel embarrassed to call me for coaching.

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