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Bootcamps are high-priced, multi-day seminars. In most cases there are numerous speakers.

You may also produce bootcamps where you don’t speak at all but rather play the role of promoter and host. You could even try to do an entire bootcamp yourself. That would be very demanding, but it can be done.

Bootcamps are another high end product in the arsenal of products that you can offer people. People who attend your initial seminar or buy an inexpensive front-end product need to be offered high-end products. Bootcamps are definitely one of them.

Remember that people are most apt to buy the same kind of product they have bought in the past. People are also most likely to buy through the same channels they have bought from before.

This means that at the initial seminar you are highly likely to be able to sell people on attending another seminar. A high-priced bootcamp qualifies. Why? Because they have already self-selected. They are sitting there at the seminar. If they are impressed with you in a short form, they will probably “buy you” in the long form. The bootcamp.

One of the nicest things about bootcamps is that you usually don’t have to travel. In most cases, you’ll want to promote your bootcamps in your home city or locale. By careful design, I live in Las Vegas. It’s easy to get people to come to me for events.

I am not saying that if you live in Bismarck, North Dakota, it will be impossible for you to get people to come to you, but you would be better advised to have everyone go to Aspen, instead.

Depending on your market and how your customers perceive you, you can often times get 3-5% of your in-house list to come to a bootcamp. Some people get an even higher response rate. It all depends on the market you’re in, the degree of notoriety you have, the price of the event, and how well you’ve impressed your customers in the past.

Let’s say you have 500 customers on your in-house list. This means that if you sent a bootcamp solicitation, you could expect to get somewhere between 15 and 25 people to show up and give you a lot of money for a three-day session where they come to sit at your feet. After all, you’re the guru of whatever it is that you do.

We’ll talk more in Chapter 7 about some of the techniques specific to marketing bootcamps that differ from those you’ll use to market seminars and other, shorter events.

During a bootcamp, go longer than eight hours each day. This will make people feel like they are getting more than their money’s worth.

I also like the idea of planning at least one “big event” for the group. If I’m doing a bootcamp in New York City it is usually a Broadway show. In Las Vegas it would be a show on the “Strip.” I make it optional and people have to pay for it themselves. There is usually no resistance to the fact that they have to pay since they are already paying quite a bit to be there. Some people go, while others choose to do other things.

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