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Audio tapes are the easiest products to create. If you told me you needed to have products within a week, I could help you put together a few different sets of audio tapes that might sell for as much as $500.

There are at least three ways to create these products.

First, you can record a live seminar. If you do this, make sure the audience is well miked. Doing products this way creates a product that has a lot of energy.

Another way to do them is to create an extensive outline and have someone interview you. I recently did this for a client and we created a six-hour audio program that he can sell for $195. He’ll be able to sell it for a few years and we project a minimum of $250,000 in revenue.

Your third option is to interview experts in the field. This can be done face to face or by phone. Most experts will agree to this arrangement in exchange for you including their contact information. If you lined up six experts and interviewed them back to back on one day you could have a program done in a day. Similarly, this could sell for $195. Or you might interview one expert for six hours, reversing the role I described in the previous paragraph.

The last option is to go into the studio and basically talk into a mike. I don’t care who you are, this is tough to pull off. Tony Robbins is one of the few people who could do this and make it work. I still have a hard time with his stuff. It’s tough to keep someone’s interest for very long as a solo act with no audience interaction.

You don’t need a fancy, expensive recording machine when you get started. But, you do need to get started! A good place to start is my audio program, “Creating and Selling Information Products,” about which you can find information in Appendix A. 

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