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There are only a few things I do really well. Selling products is definitely one of them. I sell more products from the platform than anyone that I have seen including some of the “great ones.”

The information that I’ve compiled in this section of the book is a greatly condensed version of my bookSelling Products from the Platform. If you like what you read here, you may want to pick up a copy of that book.

Successful speakers and seminar leaders often make much more than 50% of their revenue from product sales. If this concept is repugnant to you, get over it!

The only reason you should have a problem selling your products is if they aren’t worth it. If that’s the case, go back and redo them. If you’ve got great products that give people good value, then sell them with the zeal of a Baptist preacher.

If your products are great, the world needs to know.

Selling products at your seminars and other events is not optional. You must do it if you’re going to be a successful seminar leader.

This means that first, you must have products to sell. If you don’t, please pick up a copy of my bookCreating and Selling Information Products.

This is an area I’ve learned how to do really well. Please read carefully. This section will be worth a lot of money to you over the next several years.

Upselling at the Product Table
You can significantly add to your numbers by having an effective upsell at the product table. When people come up to make a purchase, make them an offer to buy a more expensive product and make it an offer they can’t refuse.

When people come up to your product table, you know that are ready to buy. Why not offer them a slight “bump” in what they were initially willing to pay? I think that a bump of just under $50 makes sense. If someone is coming up to buy your $197 package, offer them something that normally sells for $150 or more on its own for an additional $47.

Whatever deal you decide to present, make sure you have an upsell at the table that is so attractive that few people will turn you down.

Remember, your costs are so low that if you sell something for $47 that costs you $7 you’re still making an additional $40 you didn’t have.

Remember: “Do you want fries with that?” works for McDonald’s. It also works for product sales.

Getting an Association on Your Side to Help Sell Products
If you’re doing a presentation for an association, try to get them on your side and you’ll sell a heck of a lot more product. One of the easiest ways to do this is to cut them in on a piece of the action. Offer to “kick them back” 15-20% of the sales you make. Use this system and many associations and their leaders will become your greatest salespeople. Many times the sales I make more than compensate for the fees I’ve been paid to attend the event. That’s one of my favorite things on the planet: a complete win-win arrangement.

Additional Prodding
After you pitch your products, you can do some additional prodding to get people to buy. The problem is that it must be subtle so it doesn’t appear to be over-selling.

If I’m doing a one-day seminar, I’ll make my major pitch at lunch. I will then briefly remind people that they must get their order sheets in before the end of the day to get the discount right before the first afternoon break.

I will make up a question that I’ll claim that someone asked me at the break about a product before I let the group go.

Anything more than this would be too much.

Create Urgency
When you are selling your products, you always need to make people a special offer if they buy from you on the spot.

Your audience may have good intentions and think that they will eventually make a purchase from you, but for the most part, it’s not going to happen. People have other things to buy. Unless you get them at that moment, you’re highly unlikely to sell them later.

Sure, I’ll describe a campaign you should use to get them to buy after the fact, but it won’t be nearly as cost effective as getting them to dig into their wallet right there and then.

You may be successful in eventually converting some people in the future, but look at those sales as gravy.

Try to imagine that, unless you get 100% of your audience to buy, you will be executed after your presentation. How will your appeal go then? What would you say to try and convince people?

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