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The easiest person to sell is an existing customer. The easiest product to sell your attendees is the advanced version of the seminar you’re doing.

People who tend to buy one way, tend to continue to buy in that manner. If they “bought” your first seminar they’ll be more apt to sign up for a seminar than anything else.

Pitch people on the upcoming event with an incentive for signing up today. Give them a significant bonus if they sign up on the spot. That way you’ve got the money in the bank and then you’re on track to do the advanced seminar.

Make sure to differentiate the event. It can’t be the same event given twice. You need to elaborate on your initial event.

Marketing costs are extremely low because you’re mainly promoting to attendees at your current event. It’s a no-brainer because you can usually charge more for the advanced event and you have no cost to promote to an existing seminar member.

You’ll also get an idea as to whether an advanced seminar will work if people will actually register right then and there. If a bunch of people sign up, you’ll have good evidence that the idea works. 

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