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Difference Between Seminars and Bootcamps

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Seminars and bootcamps are different. Seminars are fairly didactic. The speakers talk and the participants listen. A seminar is generally a one-way rather than a conversation. This is primarily due to time constraints. Most seminars are either one or two days.

Although some may use the term differently, my definition of a bootcamp is a multi-day “seminar” which is much more interactive. Bootcamps generally have multiple speakers and often use more group exercise discussions.

Bootcamps usually go longer each day. A seminar is a more corporate term and people tend to think of them pretty generically. It refers to an event that runs during normal business hours.

That is definitely not true for bootcamps. Many of the bootcamps I have given and attended have gone from 12 to 14 hours each day.

One of the appeals of a bootcamp from a marketing standpoint is the volume of information you can show people that you’ll be able to deliver. In fact, bootcamps are often a bit overwhelming for participants. Most people get pretty burned-out, regardless of the quality of the speakers, because of the sheer volume of information.

That doesn’t mean I don’t suggest you do them. If you do, though, you’ll need to run your bootcamps with breaks for meals and even exercise (for those who believe in the concept).

Also, bootcamps are much more apt to have “hot seats.” Seldom will you see hot seats used in the seminar business because there simply isn’t enough time.

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