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Four Steps to Success in the Seminar Business

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There are 4 steps to success in the seminar business.

First, you have to promote the seminar and get people into the room. Next, you have to give a great seminar. Then you have to get people to spend money at the seminar itself in the form of products. Then you have to get them to come back to other seminars and events you have. Then you have to get them to buy more from you. Finally, you have to get them to use you as a consultant and to tell everyone else about you and your services.

Simple, right? Well, not really! But, if you follow my roadmap it’s possible. So keep reading!

Get people in the door
Getting people in the door is the job of marketing your seminar. No matter how great a seminar you’ve designed, it won’t make a difference if you can’t get people to walk through your doors and attend.

Give a Great Seminar
Once you get them to come through your doors you’ve got to exceed their expectations.

Get People to Buy Your Products
When people come to your seminars, you have to learn how to sell products from the platform. If you don’t like this, you’re in the wrong business. I’ll show you how to do it right.

After they leave your seminar, get them to come back to other seminars and buy other products
If people come to your event and are delighted, they will come back to other events that you do.

Get them to use you as a consultant
If you’re good at all of the above, they’ll use you as a consultant. It will take little if any marketing. 

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