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Future Product Ideas

Information Marketing

Today, audio and video tapes of any significant length must be sold as a physical product. These could be in the form of an audio tape, a video tape, or a CD-ROM. Books can now be delivered digitally in eBook form.

In the future, audio and video will be more broadly deliverable digitally as well. Given current technology, delivering an audio program of six hours in length (or even an hour) over the internet is impractical. This won’t be true forever. In the not-too-distant future, we’ll be delivering audio and video content via the Web.

When that happens, profit margins will go through the roof. We won’t have to pay to duplicate the tapes and shipping costs will disappear.

Keep an eye on the technology developments that are making this form of delivery increasingly possible. Get your content into digital form so that you can take advantage of online delivery when it’s feasible. (Digital media also stores more reliably and doesn’t fade or decay over time, so it’s always good to have a digital master of your content somewhere anyway.) 

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