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After people register, you need to get them a packet of information. This way they feel like they are getting something for their money. In addition to a “welcome” letter, this packet should include an agenda. This will give people a rough idea of the time frame for both speakers and breaks. If you’re running a high-priced bootcamp, you might even send out this information in advance of the event. At least have it on the registration table or in their registration packets.

You should also include bios of all of the speakers who will be presenting. You can also add to the packet by including information about the seminar locale and any special events that may be going on during the days of the seminar. You can usually get this information from the hotel or the local convention and visitors’ bureau.

If you’re holding an event where there will be a lot of speakers, I also like to include some evaluation forms in this initial packet. Not only will this make things easier, it will also show that you’re serious about getting feedback. 

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