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When to Display Your Products
Don’t display your products before the event gets started. If you do, people will be braced for the pitch before it even comes. Keep your products up in front of the room until you pitch. Only after you’ve pitched should you move the products out from behind a curtain or out from under the table and display them. Never do it before you’ve pitched but it’s alright to hold them up and show them during the pitch.

Picking Up and Referring to Product During Seminar
During your seminar, create a valid excuse to physically pick up one or more of your products. For example, you can find a need to look something up in one of the manuals. Don’t do this more than once or twice. Try to use this technique for greatest impact after being asked a question.

Should You Have a Visual in Your Presentation For Your Products?
Some people will put up a visual aid, often a copy of the order sheet, to help them pitch their products. I normally don’t do this. My suggestion is that you test it. If you use a lot of other visuals, it makes more sense that you would use one for your product presentation.

There is no way to know what the definitive answer is to this question until you test. Testing will help you figure out what works best.

Don’t Show Your Video
If you sell any videos, don’t give into the inevitable temptation to show them or even excerpts from them. All it can do is hurt you. If you’ve established credibility they will buy without seeing it. Showing the video will only give them a reason not to buy. But, the videos had better be good or you’ll get them back.

Don’t Sell Your Book!
That’s right, I said, “Don’t sell your book.” Why? It’s your lowestpriced item (or one of them). People who feel some sort of obligation to buy something from you will be able to do so without spending any serious money on your real content products.

I always tell people who ask if they can buy my book, “I’m sorry, but I only bring enough books to the seminar to provide as bonuses to people who buy one of the larger packages. You can get the book online at or special order it through your local bookstore if you like.”

When to Hand Out Product Order Sheets … And When NOT To
Whenever I attend a speech or seminar I am amazed at how many speakers attach an order sheet for their products to their handout. In most cases, this is the wrong way to do things. You lose control of the timing.

I never put the order sheet into peoples’ materials or leave it on the chairs if I can avoid it. I don’t want them to have the chance to look at things and make up their minds before I want them to or simply to ignore it.

I want the control.

If I am in a small group, I hand them out myself as I say the line: “Now here’s the two-minute commercial.” I say this as I am handing out the order sheets one by one to seminar attendees.

If I am in a larger group and have some assistants, I ask them to hand out the order sheets when I give them some kind of a sign. Then, I don’t begin doing my product presentation until just about everyone has an order form in their hands. If you do this quickly and efficiently it will work.

You do not want to have people sitting there going over the order sheet for a minute or two until you lead them through what they have just read. Again, you need to control the timing to make this work.

If you are fortunate to give a presentation to a group of over 1,000 people this becomes impractical. You’ll probably have to attach the order sheet to the handout. 

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