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Online Selling Techniques

Information Marketing

If you’re following my advice, you’re recording all of your seminars. You will want to sell the audio and video tapes of those seminars. One of the ways to sell these items is online, over the Internet.

With all of your products, you’ll be able to sell them online, but you’ll only be able to deliver eBooks and other electronically stored products online. Such products can include newsletters or eZines, software, database access, membership (e.g., in an online community where they can get coaching help), and others.

To sell your products effectively online you’ll need to follow a simple system.

Step 1
Before you do anything, you’ll want to talk to a search engine specialist like my friend Kimberly Judd ( She will help you make decisions on what to name your site and your business. This must be done before you do anything else. A bad decision in this area will have serious negative consequences. Don’t skip this step.

Step 2
Set up your business officially. This entails at least two steps: forming the legal entity and obtaining appropriate licenses. If you’re setting up a sole proprietorship, you’ll need to file a “doing business as” (DBA) with your county. If you choose to incorporate, you’ll need to talk to a lawyer to set up your incorporation documents. Nevada is a great state in which to incorporate regardless of where you live or where your company’s offices are located. My attorney, Mace Yampolsky, can be reached at 720-807-5777. Make sure and tell him I sent you. Another good contact for this kind of advice is Al Allen at 800-254-5779.

In most communities, you’ll be required to pay a fee and obtain a business license. Check both your city and your county offices to determine what is needed in your area and then comply with the rules. Lots of people are tempted to skip this step but it can be really embarrassing down the road.

Step 3
Next, you’ll need to register your domain name. I use They charge $8.95 per year per domain name if you buy lots of domains. If you don’t buy lots of domains, email me and I’ll get you set up with a special account so you’ll still get the $8.95 rate. These folks also have great customer service. I highly recommend them.

Step 4
The most important step in creating your Web site is to write the copy for the site itself. Do it right and the money will start rolling in. If you have a site that can close more than 3% of all unique visitors you’re doing extremely well. If you aren’t very good or don’t have the time to write the copy for your site, check Appendix A of this book for recommendations on copywriters.

Step 5
The first element of your system will be your Web site. At that Web site your prospects will find the sales letter we just talked about.

You’ll also want to have a pop-up window come up when people leave your site without having placed an order. See Appendix A for some thoughts about where to get the scripts that will allow you to do this. There are lots of pre-built scripts for this purpose. This pop-up window should make them a great offer to get them to opt-in to your list. Offering them some kind of a special digitally delivered report on a topic of interest with a compelling title will usually work.

Remember your goal is to get people either to buy your product or to opt-in to your list. If they merely opt-in to your list, you’ll want to devise a series of auto-responder messages to convince them to buy your front end product.

To sell on-line you’ll need a merchant account (so you can take and process credit card orders) and an Internet gateway account (which somehow connects the merchant account and a bank but don’t ask me how!). To make it easy for people to purchase, you must have a shopping cart program.

To handle all of the functions described above, I recommend you use a single program like WebMarketingMagic (www.webmarketingmagic. com). I helped formulate the components for this product, which includes an eBook module.

I use WebMarketingMagic to do all of the things I suggest you do above. This program will give you everything you want in one place. You could, if you were so inclined, find all of the components in other places. You’d then have a lot of other vendors and have to integrate all of the components yourself.

Unless you’re a real computer geek (and I envy you if you are), then get WebMarketingMagic. It’s fully integrated to do everything you need. It’s also very affordable. It’s easy to set up and can be used by anyone, regardless of how computer illiterate you are.

Making your products available to people on-line will produce orders from people who attend your events and those who don’t. Many people will tell others about your products and many will go to your Web site. This will produce orders.

Step 6
Start up-selling people to other products (yours and others) both on and off-line. This can be done using your auto-responders as well as traditional direct mail pieces.

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