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Packaging Your Products

Information Marketing

Make your life simple and come up with standard packaging for your products. Try to have no more than two or three different packages. Trust me, I’ve done it the other way and it becomes an incredible nightmare.

Create packaging that looks good, but isn’t overly slick. If you make your product packaging look too good it makes people wonder about how good the content is. Simple but attractive is probably the best way to describe what I’d recommend.

Remember, it’s about selling the greatest amount of product, not creating packaging that will win awards.

When you cut the prices of your products you have to do it for a reason. If you don’t, people will wonder why you didn’t cut the prices even more.

The best way I’ve found to do this effectively is to offer the products with little or no packaging. That way I can say to people that the reason I can cut $100 off the cost of the package is they get the stuff wrapped in rubber bands.

This has proved incredibly effective. Most people who do seminars will cut prices without any logical explanation. Doing things the way I suggest not only cuts your costs, it makes the price breaks that you give buyers make sense. 

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