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Selecting Your Topic

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I conduct a lot of seminars on the topic of giving seminars. At these events people sometimes get up in front of the group and tell us they can do a seminar on any topic. That is simply absurd.

If you can talk about any topic, then you clearly aren’t an expert on any topic. Your audience wants to hear experts when they go to a seminar. Or at least people they perceive to be experts.

To decide on a topic you have to ask yourself two questions. First, what do you have a background in? Second, what do you have a passion for?

At least for your first seminar product, start with what you already know.

Don’t be discouraged if others are already doing seminars in the area you’re interested in. All this tells you is that there is demand for the topic. I would be much more concerned for you if you told me that no one was doing a seminar on your topic. This could mean that there is no demand for seminars on that particular topic.

Assuming you find some competition, check it out (see Chapter 3) and then figure out where the gaps are, either in knowledge and expertise or in quality of seminar presentation. Then, when you put your seminar together, fill in as many of those gaps as you can. At the very least, put your peculiar slant on the information and make it your own.

It’s no secret that Tony Robbins took an existing technology (neurolinguistic programming, or NLP) and put his own (very commercial) slant on the concepts. This was brilliant on his part. It also proves that the first person in the market isn’t always the person that does it best or makes the most money.

Information Marketing

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