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Although it’s changing, the majority of products are still sold off-line. This will change as more and more products are able to be delivered on-line.

Right now, it’s easy to deliver eBooks on-line. That’s not the case with long-form audios and videos. The amount of bandwidth they require digitally is enormous. Most people are still using relatively slow (56K baud modem) connections to the Internet. But higher-speed systems are taking hold. When bandwidth and delivery speed reach an appropriate level and are sufficiently widely available, I would guess that virtually every product you sell will be digitally delivered.

Until that day comes, however, you must understand how to sell your products off-line. You’ll need to learn how to produce such things as:

  • a great sales letter
  • compelling bonuses
  • catalogs
  • fax order sheets

You’ll also want to have a toll-free number where people can more easily give you their money for your products.

A Great Sales Letter
To sell your products off-line you’ll need a great sales letter. This is a necessity. If you’ve created one for your Web site, and it’s working, you can use the same one, but be sure to remove Web-specific instructions like “click here” or “send me an email.” If you need help in writing an effective sales letter, I have some recommendations for you in Appendix A.

Compelling Bonuses
No matter how good your front-end product is, you’ll need some killer bonuses to help make it sell. I suggest you develop a number of very targeted and specific reports as well as a great single cassette audio and short video.

The reason you want to provide three types of bonuses goes back to the way people learn. Some people will want to read, others to listen and still others will want to watch. Your bonuses should be geared to attract each type.

The key to successful bonuses is to create highly useable content with great titles to make people want them. Many times people will buy your products just to get the bonuses you offer.

In general, it’s not a good idea to offer people a ton of different options too early in the selling process. Once they become a customer, it’s permissible to send them a catalog of all of your products and services. This catalog should list everything that you offer in that niche and give people discounts for purchasing more than one item. The most important thing to remember when putting together your catalog is that you’ll want it to be packed with benefits.

Fax Order Sheet
Many people like to use their faxes to order products off-line. To make this as easy as possible, create a fax order form that is simple and easy to follow. Make it simple enough for a fourth grader to figure out.

Always include an upsell on the order sheet itself. Done correctly, as many as 20% or more of your customers will go for the upsell. Make the price of the upsell approximately 20% of the value of your primary sale.

If your product sells for $100, offer your customer an upsell of a product that would normally sell for more but which you’ll make available now for just $19.95. The best way to do this is to simply ask people to put an “X” in a box if they want the product that you’re offering. Come up with two or three lines to highlight the benefits of this product and you’re off to the races. If at all possible, make it a digitally delivered product to reduce your costs. If you opt for something else, consider a single cassette tape which is inexpensive to produce and to ship.

Toll Free Number
A toll free number for selling off-line is essential. Many people still try to get by without one. I don’t recommend it. If you’re following my advice, you’ll make plenty of money from the sales of your products and services to justify the cost of a toll-free phone number.

If at all possible, have a live person answer the phone during normal business hours. People expect that. If necessary, do it yourself or find someone to help you out in exchange for a percentage of every sale.

Although it would be nice to do all of your business on-line, I don’t think it will ever happen. Just as people will always want to attend a live seminar or workshop, some people will still want to buy products they can feel and touch. You should be prepared to supply them with both. 

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