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Some Frequently Asked Questions About Seminar Registration

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When people call to register on the phone, you usually only have one shot at them. You cannot have morons handling your registration line(s). It will cost you money.

Whomever answers the phone must be knowledgeable about the event, courteous and sales-oriented. Remember, the goal of receiving that call is to get a credit card number and make the caller feel good and comfortable giving it to you.

Whoever answers the phone must make people feel like spaces still remain for the event but that they are going fast. There must be urgency created to make people register now.

Many people will want to know how many people are registered. There are usually three reasons for this question. First, they are your competition. They are checking out how you’re doing. Second, many people have signed up for an event only to have it cancelled. They’ve been screwed making plane and hotel reservations and have a legitimate concern. Finally, they are just curious as to how many of the people will show up. I know I always am.

The correct way to handle this question is to say that you’re really not sure. Tell them that registrations are being collected from a number of different sources and only your boss has all of the numbers. Assure them that you don’t cancel events and then get their credit card numbers.

Using this approach will only disappoint your competition. They will find out after your event anyway. Someone will tell them. It always works that way.

Remember that in the seminar registration business people tend to register at fairly predictable times. If people have to travel and book hotel rooms, you’ll get most of your registrations well before the event itself. In my case, less than 20% of the registrations for our bootcamps come in the last 14 days before the event.

This is not the case with one day seminars held in cities where people don’t have to travel overnight. In this case, most of the registrations come in the last 14 days before the event. To prevent this heart attack seminar registration curve, give people plenty of incentive to register early. 

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