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Have Products in Inventory
People hate to pay for something and not be able to take it with them. Whenever you do an event make sure that you have product ready for them to take when they order. If you can’t have everything, make sure you have at least one component of every package that people can take with them when they order. Of course if your products are all delivered digitally, you probably won’t need to carry CDs or disks with them on it. In that case, though, you might want to consider giving buyers an instruction sheet for how to get the products and perhaps a password if one is in order.

If you are doing large events and offer people an A, B or C option you’ll need to have packages prepared and ready to give them quickly when they approach your table. If you run out, make sure you have at least one item you can give to people.

When you get back to your office after a seminar, fill your unfilled orders immediately. There is nothing that amuses me more when I’m watching an ad on TV than when they say: “Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.” Why? This is absurd. Ship out the products as soon as you receive the order.

If, for some reason, you can’t get the products out, call people and let them know. Keep them informed. Also, because it’s your problem, offer them a freebie of some sort.

Creating an Order Sheet
Your order sheet should be designed so it is easy to understand and easy to buy. When you’re done putting it together, hand it to a fourth grader and see if they can understand what the offer is and how to fill out the order sheet. If they can’t, redo it until they can.

Group all the audios together if that makes sense. In most cases you’ll be selling packages. List package A’s components and then underneath it list package B. Package B will be all of the elements in A plus some additional items.

Describing Your Products’ Features and Benefits
When you list what’s in your products, make sure and include the features as well as the benefits. People don’t buy a feature, they buy what that feature can do for them. You need to point out very clearly and concisely how a given feature can help them. Go through your description fairly quickly, but highlight the major benefit or benefits of each product.

How to Reduce Return Rates
Returns happen when you sell products. You just want to keep them as low as possible. How do you do this? The first and best answer is to create high-content products, with information which helps your customers immediately implement ideas you present.

Also, provide them with bonuses that once used they would feel embarrassed to return your products. The best thing I’ve found to use for this purpose is consulting time. Once they take you up on it, very rarely will they return the product and request a refund.

Record Your Product Pitches
I mentioned earlier the need to tape your presentations. Make sure that you tape all of your product presentations as well. This is your bread and butter. You need to analyze when you do well and when you fail so that you can look for patterns and continually improve your pitches. 

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