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Information Marketing

Testimonials are an extremely effective method of selling anything, not the least of which are your products. Every once in a while you’ll have someone stand up in your seminar and give you an unsolicited testimonial for your products. Thank them and try to appear a little embarrassed. Then, later, ask them if they’d mind saying the same thing on tape and/or in a signed letter or fax.

If you have testimonials, you can also read those. These tend to be most effective if people can see that they are real. Bring the ones that are written on a person’s letterhead and let the audience see that you are reading an actual letter.

Having Bags With Your Name On Them
You’ll need to get some bags with your name and phone number printed on them. If you work (like I do) in a number of different markets you’ll want to make them generic enough to be used in different niches.

My bags say: “Fred Gleeck’s Marketing Magic Success System” and provide my 800 number at the bottom. Doing them this way allows me to use them with any market I deal with. I don’t have to have several different bags.

If you are sure you’re only going to be doing work in one industry, there might be some value in making your bags more specific. If not, follow my lead and make them generic.

Giving a Guarantee
I offer a lifetime guarantee on everything I sell. This includes products and seminars. I suggest you do the same. When I get up in front of a group to pitch my products, I make a stronger offer than I had made before they got to the seminar. I tell them that unless they get at least 10 times what they paid for the package, they should send it all back.

My experience is that if you have good-quality products and seminars and you are confident in them, you will find that very few people ever ask for a refund. You might even learn something valuable from the few who do. 

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