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There are two ways to go when you create the title to your event. If you or your firm is a well-known entity or celebrity in your field, put your name or your firm’s name front and center in the title.

If you’re Michael Jordan and you’re doing a basketball seminar, you have to put your name in the title. It might be: “Michael Jordan Talks Basketball.” The primary reason why people will show up for an event has to do with Michael Jordan himself. In an example like this, Michael Jordan could be talking about basket-weaving and people would still show up. They are showing up to see him.

I’ve got minor celebrity status in a number of my niche markets. I encourage you to strive to achieve some fame in your niche, too. But before you get to that point, you’ll have to use another method of titling your events to maximize registration.

I suggest you use the following formula for creating your titles. Take your biggest benefit and match it with your attendees’ greatest needs. In one of my markets I do a seminar on marketing. I title it: “How to Competition-Proof Your Video Production Business.”

This title combines my greatest benefit (marketing information) with my attendees’ greatest need (dealing with competition). I’ve also used a title like: “51 Marketing Secrets of Self-Storage Marketing Success.” This is effective because of its specificity. People want to know what all 51 of them are.

Another familiar way to do things is to do the: “How to blank, so that you can blank.” This is a very familiar formula that can also be effective. How do you know which one will work best? You don’t. You have to test alternatives to see what works.

If you’re thinking of a title, shoot me an email (fredgleeck  (at) gmail (dot) com) and I’ll give you my feedback. But don’t send it to me if you don’t want an honest appraisal! 

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