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The research in this area is conclusive. Providing an 800 number will significantly increase registration numbers, particularly for prospects outside your own area. It also makes you look bigger than you may really be. In most cases, this will help improve your credibility.

I have had the 800 number 1-800-FGLEECK for more than 15 years. Not only is it great to have a vanity 800 number, but there is another marketing value to this number.

Toll-free numbers now include 800, 888, 877, and 866, My having an 800 number is great. It says that I’ve been around a while. Combine that with the fact that I have a vanity 800 number and it says that I’ve been around a long while. My credibility in the marketplace is significantly enhanced by these two facts.

I often highlight these facts in my marketing materials. People may know this intuitively when they see an 800 number, but I like to remind them.

Getting an 800 number is virtually impossible these days. The only way to get an 800 number is to wait for someone to drop their number and you swoop in there and pick one up. How do you do this?

You contact either AT&T, MCI or Sprint and tell a rep that you’ll take any 800 number that becomes available. Don’t expect to pick up a number that spells anything. It’s basically impossible. No one gives up an 800 number that spells anything.

You’re still better off with an 800 number that doesn’t spell a thing. The credibility factor trumps everything else.

While you’re waiting for an 800 number to open up, though, get one of the other toll-free prefix numbers. Most people recognize them as toll-free but anywhere you use it, be sure to label the number “tollfree” to remove all doubt. 

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