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Why are you interested in giving seminars and workshops? Before you can either get very good at giving them or make much money from them, you have to be clear about your goals. Different people come to this business with different objectives in mind. The important question isn’t so much what specific objective you have, but that you have a good reason for wanting to do something that is often as demanding as presenting and marketing seminars.

Here are some of the most common reasons people provide when asked whey they want to be in the seminar business:

Money. This is the number one reason people give seminars. And it’s the one I’m focused on, both in this book and in my career. If you want to change the world, I’m all for it. But recognize that it will take money to change the world. Go get some money, then use it to change the world! There are two kinds of money in seminars: direct (seminar fees) and indirect (product sales and consulting assignments).

Desire to Share Knowledge. Some people do seminars regardless of whether they make money or not because they have some knowledge or experience they feel a need to share. That’s a great and compelling motivation for doing seminars. But even people with this motivation can benefit from having a line of products backing up their seminar because not everyone learns the same way and not everyone can get to your seminars.

Fame. A few people see seminars as a way to become famous. I doubt that works very well. I think seminars are a part of a larger marketing plan that can, in totality, have the effect of making you famous. But fame doesn’t come to people who only give seminars. At least not that I know about! 

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