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Public Speaking for College and Career

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Whether you’re trying to get better grades, or enhance your career, public speaking skills are essential. I suggest that everyone thinks about how important it is to use public speaking for college and career advancement.

When you are in school you are constantly being asked to get up and speak. Even if it’s just to answer a question in class, your ability to equip yourself well as a speaker is essential to getting good grades.

When I say public speaking for college and career, I mean that you cannot only improve your grades, you can get promoted more quickly when on the job.

If your superiors at work have a choice of who to promote and you are the better speaker, it’s clear who they’ll choose. YOU.

How do you improve your skills at public speaking for college or your career? You need to make sure and do a few things. First, you need to study. If you’re in school, there are probably some good classes you can take. If you’re out of school, consider doing two things. First, take an improv comedy class. Second, join toastmasters.

If you’re really serious about getting the skills you need to be a top notch speaker then I encourage you to come to THE Speaking School. It’s held twice a year and is perfect for someone looking dramatically improve their speaking skills in less than a week.

It’s an intensive program, but well worth it.

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