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If you’re considering jumping into the field of public speaking you’ll naturally want to know which public speaking topics are most in demand.

Many people use the words: “public speaking” when they really are interested in getting into speaking as a profession. If you’re one of those people NEVER tell people, when they ask you what you do, say: “I’m a public speaker.” You’ll look like a complete novice.

Whether you’re looking to speak for a living or just do it for fun, understanding which public speaking topics to use and which to avoid is essential for you to know.

First, never pick a topic to speak about just because you think it will be popular. Although there are probably speakers who have been successful using this tact, it makes for a miserable time. You may end up speaking about something that really doesn’t get you excited. Not good.

For you to be successful as a public OR professional speaker I suggest you speak only about topics that are both IN DEMAND and you have a sincere personal interest in.

As you assemble the public speaking topics that you’re considering, look for an overlap between what you really like and what people you’ll be speaking for will want to hear about.

I speak about a few things. I am an expert in the field of information marketing. I speak about that topic often. Lucky for me, this is both an area that people have an intense interest in, but many people also want to hear about it.

My speeches are often given to professional speakers and other entrepreneurs who have at least a tangential interest in speaking for a living. This is good because I know the world they come from. I’m in it. I also know and speak about seminar marketing. One of my best selling books is on that topic.

To conclude, make sure that whatever public speaking topic you select, make sure that you like it, know it AND know that people want to hear you talk about it.

I invite you to attend THE SPEAKING SCHOOL if you have a chance!

Process Orders From Your Website in Just 15 Minutes!

Get a COMPLETE system to help you market your online business

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