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Ayn Rand and Information Marketing

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I’ve always been a big fan of Ayn Rand’s books. I think she has some very important philosophical points that anyone in the information marketing field can benefit from.

I remember reading Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead in college, but I recently picked up a biography about her. A lot of the background on her childhood and upbringing may not hold everyone’s interest, but her philosophy surely should.

One of her primary philosophical tenants is that we are all 100% responsible for our own success and failure. If you don’t make it, it’s not the government’s fault or some other boogeyman that you’ve created. It’s YOUR FAULT!

I agree.

While reading the book I was struck by some interesting elaboration to this central point of her philosophy.

She NEVER claimed it would be easy to make it. In fact, she makes it very clear that an ETHICAL operator in any field will have a HARDER time making it than those who choose to “shade the truth” or throw their lot in with the familiar crowd.

I couldn’t help but think how accurate and appropriate this message is to me, and frankly ANYONE in the field of information marketing.

When you get a chance, I would suggest you pick up a copy of both Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead and read or reread them. I’m going to do the same.

Going through this biography has pointed out some things that I may have missed when I read her material as a 20 year old college student. The messages she conveys are 100% valid for anyone selling information products in this day and age.

Rather than attempt to give you a synthesis of what her philosophy is all about, I’ll leave it to you to decide if it’s worth reading both of these books. If you do, I would love to hear your comments on how they relate to the field of information marketing.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t agree with everything Rand said or taught, but I do believe there is a LOT that we as info marketers can learn from a PHILOSOPHER like her.

Let me know your thoughts!

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One Response to “Ayn Rand and Information Marketing”

  1. Eugenia Kaneshige on August 6th, 2010 10:29 pm


    I’m also a fan of Ayn Rand. I don’t remember her saying that it is harder for an ethical person in business, but that statement really struck a chord with me. We like to believe that what goes around comes around and that in the end the good guy wins, but I have noticed in one of the industries that I operate in, a large percentage of the most successful people were highly unethical. They would try to steal clients by making up lies about their competition and use blatantly false advertising.

    The other point you make is also a good one. The way my Mother always put it–“You will be judged by the company you keep.” This is true. As a matter of fact, one of the reasons I trust your advice is that you DON’T belong to an organization that several other people in the information marketing business do belong to.

    The other reason I trust what you say is that you don’t tell people that they can get rich quick on your advice. In fact, you tell people that most people who buy your information don’t do anything with it. It’s always easier to sell to people who are gullible. I respect a person who offers a quality product at a fair price and doesn’t try to oversell it with sleazy techniques that prey on the unsuspecting.

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