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I just spent the entire day (13 hours) with The Gambling Ninja. If you want to be successful in the information marketing field, I suggest you read this post every carefully. He was one of a number of folks who attended by last Fred Info Bootcamp. In order for me to get a better idea on how to help “The Ninja” put together some info products for this niche, I wanted to get to know his SYSTEM first hand.

All I can say is: WOW! I thought I knew a little something about gambling and how things work, but I was wrong. This is why I’m convinced that the NINJA will be super successful selling info products to folks in the gambling field.

We started the day around 10AM at a local casino. He asked me NOT to reveal which casino because it could compromise HIM and HIS SYSTEM.

I started out by signing up for a players card for this particular casino. For the next 13 hours I got an amazing education in the field of gambling. There is a LOT more to doing things right in the field than I thought there was.

We played the ONLY games you should ever play at a casino. I watched as he showed me exactly which games to play and HOW to play them.

At around 1PM we broke for lunch, using the “comps” that had been provided by our play. I LOVE free stuff and, when done right, you can get tons of it if you play your cards right (sorry for the pun).

We resumed play around 2 PM. A couple of hours later we ran into an interesting problem that the NINJA had never encountered in his over 20 years as a professional gambler. It took over 3 hours to get the situation straightened out including a call to the Nevada gaming commission. Again . . . FASCINATING to a non-gambler like me.

What about you? What should YOU take away as someone who is interested in selling info products?

If you want to really understand a market you have to get involved. Not just reading things, but participating and DIVING INTO your niche. Learn everything you can so that when you create your products you’ll understand what you need to teach others.

I try and do this with all of my JV partners and proteges. I want to get fully immersed in their world to be able to help them be successful. There is NO better way to do it than what I did today. It gave me a view of this niche that I would NEVER have had without this “field trip.”

Because of how this day worked out, I intend to use this as a template for how I’ll work with any of my other partners or proteges in the future. I suggest you do the same.

In order to sell info products successfully, I suggest that you see things from the inside. Don’t just hear or read about the niche, get involved. Understand it. Ask questions.

I’m just lucky that the NINJA works in the gambling field. An area that has always held an interest for me over the years. BUT, even if the niche you’re thinking of isn’t a SEXY one like gambling, as long as you have a curious mind, it will be fun to learn something new.

It was for me.

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