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It’s all about CONTENT.

This line is true whether you’re referring to entertainment or information marketing. Without SOLID content, nothing you do is worth very much. You can have the fanciest website, but without information that people deem worth reading, listening to or watching, you’re DEAD!

As a movie buff, I find the same thing is true.

Without a great script (read – CONTENT) a movie will suck. It doesn’t matter how great the director is or how good the actors are. IF you have a great script, you can have mediocre actors and a director and still end up with a movie worth watching.

I’m amazed at how little attention is paid by those who market and sell information products to the content they put out. I think I know WHY!

Years ago I attended a seminar held by a very well known “guru” in the field of info marketing. I would LOVE to mention his name but my lawyers say I can’t. At this particular event we were told: “Don’t worry about the product . . . even if you get 30% return rates, you’ll still make money!”


This is absolute baloney!

The very SELFISH reason you should care about the quality of your content is because people won’t keep buying from you if you put out a load of crap every time you release a new product.

My return rates are EXTREMELY low. They used to be MUCH lower, but in the downloadable, internet age, people feel free to ask for refunds who would NEVER have returned a physical product. No big deal.

When I do get a request for a refund, I ALWAYS ask the person for a reason. Usually I get NO response. Frankly, because they don’t have one. They are simply stealing my content. Again, no big deal.

There is now so much less hassle having almost exclusively digital products that I can’t be bothered with the occasional “thief” who wants to steal from me.

When I create content, I am OBSESSED with the person who will be using my product. I want to make sure that it makes total sense is eminently useable. Again, at the same seminar I mentioned earlier, we were told to NEVER really give people what you promised.

Simply TEASE them and try and get them to buy the NEXT product. The ultimate shell game which is STILL played by the vast majority of info marketers. People with names you would know. YES, the vast majority are scammers.

Frankly, I don’t know how these folks sleep at night!

I would rather make less money and have almost every say: “I can’t believe how much useable content you deliver in every one of your products.” This is a quote I have received MANY times.

This makes me feel really good.

So, the question is how? How do you provide great, useable content?

Assume that everyone who gets your product knows NOTHING. Then start at the beginning and give them a very specific path to follow. Leave nothing to chance. Make it crystal clear HOW to do what you’re teaching them.

Follow this admonition and your product creation will be much improved.

BTW, the same “guru” claimed to be retiring. He’s now working again. How do people BUY this load of crap from people who are always going back on their word?

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