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Friendship in the Field of Information Marketing

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Friendship is tough enough. Friendship in the field of information marketing is even tougher. In the last few weeks I’ve been restling with a very interesting issue. I don’t want to give the specifics of what happened, but it came down to a choice between friendship and money.

For me, it’s always been a simple choice. Friendship trumps money every time. PERIOD. For many people, in any field, this is not the case. I frankly don’t understand that way of thinking.

Frankly, I don’t understand how anyone could make a different choice, but then again, people are different. Very different.

Friendship trumps money for me when it comes to selling info products for a number of reasons I’ll lay out here.

1. It’s the RIGHT thing to do. I believe that you should always choose friendship over money because it’s the morally correct thing to do. Whether you are looking at principles from the world’s great religions or simple secular moral standards, NO one, ANYWHERE would disagree with the idea of putting friendship ahead of money.

What if we’re talking BIG money? Like millions of dollars? It doesn’t matter. If money is less important to you than someone’s friendship, the amount of money makes no difference. You will always come down in favor of friendship . . . no matter HOW BIG the amount of cash involved.

2. It’s good business. In the long run, if you stand by your friends and do the right thing, it will help you from a business standpoint EVERY time. Over the long haul your relationships will pay off financially. It may not be in the short run, but over time, I’m convinced it WILL pay off.

Sometimes the money will come in slower if you adopt this philosophy, but the money will be CLEAN.

3. It feels right. Losing some money may hurt, but losing a friend BURNS you on the inside of your soul. If you don’t agree, then we have NOTHING in common. I must confess that I’ve seen many people over the years who have put money over friendship. In some cases, MY friendship.

I have often seen examples of this same behavior by others. It has been equally repulsive to me.

Why talk about this issue when this blog concentrates on information marketing?

Because your relationship with friends is KEY to your success in this or ANY field. Friendships, when properly nurtured will allow you to make more money and live a fuller life. Without that, all your success selling info products will be unimportant.

Where will YOU come down when there is an issue that pits your friendship with someone against making an extra buck? IF money is more important to you, I feel sad for you. You may make more money in the short term and maybe even in the LONG term.

BUT, what will it matter if you don’t have good friends to share the good times with?

To me, there is NO question as to which is more important. But I must confess that I’m starting to feel like I’m in the minority with my beliefs.

Which side will YOU come down on?

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