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Multiple Sources of Information Marketing Income

Information Marketing

There are a lot of so-called gurus who preach a get-rich-quick philosophy as it relates to information marketing. There is always some NEW program, launched using the “product launch formula” that will be the holy grail for all who DRINK THE KOOL-AID.

The problem is that almost EVERY time the only people who make any real money are the folks who have made the KOOL-AID. Sure, there MAY be a few people who make a ton of money using some new “technique” being peddled, but very few people will actually make ANY money.

My philosophy is very different. I believe in putting in some consistent work. Over time, you’ll see results. It may take a while, but when it starts coming in, it will be worth it.

Since it’s baseball season, the best analogy is that there are some baseball players who swing for the fence every time they come up to bat. The VAST majority of those folks strike out. You’ll do better if you’re a baseball player than you will as an information marketing person if you follow this philosophy.

I will give you my “system” for success as an information marketer.

Mine has multiple components. First, I look for products and/or services that will provide me with ongoing, “no-brainer” money. In my case, that comes from WebMarketingMagic, CoolVideoTool and UltraCheapDomains. These are three EXAMPLES of how I do this. There are more.

In each of the above examples I have found products and services that are needed and wanted by the people on my list. Ask yourself: What do your list subscribers want and need? Find products and services that match those needs. Become an affiliate for those products and offer them to your list. Before you do that, make sure that the companies you recommend are solid and reliable.

Doing exactly that has produced a very nice, very regular, monthly check from each of these companies.

Another key element of my income sources are generated from Joint Ventures. I have a number of joint ventures that generate me a nice monthly income. Some of them will produce even bigger numbers in the future.

I also have a LOT of my own info products that I sell to a large variety of other markets. Markets that are not related to my joint ventures. Many of these products are from niches that I have created over the last 25+ years. These products continue to produce an order every so often. Given the huge volume of products that I have, this creates some interesting monthly income as well.

If you want to build a business that has “legs” then you have to make sure you have a business that isn’t based on a fad or the most recent PRODUCT LAUNCH. These product launches are great for the people who do the launching, but SELDOM make money for the people who buy the product being sold.

Build a solid business based on products and services that are reliable and sustainable!

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