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The Benefits of Low Fixed Overhead

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Want to get paid to give advice? This is the program for you. Learn the inside secrets to getting paid to consult, regardless of the field you're in.

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If you want my one secret to speaking success that has nothing to do with speaking itself, here it is. Keep your overhead low. 

If you can easily pay all of your bills each month without having to do a lot of work, here is what will happen. 

People will call you to do a speaking engagement. When you talk to them over the phone you will not sound desperate. 

The net result? 

You will get more work. It just seems to be a law of nature that the more you push something, the harder it pushes back. Just think about dating. Someone who is desperate for a date rarely gets one. 

Case closed. 

The people on the other side of the phone will hear a confident you, rather than a desperate you. Which of these two types would you prefer to do business with? 

So forget the fancy sports cars. Drive a Honda like I do. Forget the $900 suits; shop for bargains like I do. Simplify your life and keep your overhead low. It will cut your budget and your stress level. And on top of it all, you’ll land more speaking engagements. 

Learn to Speak NATURALLY!

Learn how to speak like a "natural". Using improv techniques you'll learn how to speak like a seasoned professional in just 4 days. Spaces are limited!

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