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If you’re selling info products, chances are you’re going to have to produce videos at some point in time. I just rediscovered a resource that will help you! It’s VideoMaker magazine. For years, video producers were one of my niches. I remember seeing this magazine a LOT when I was working with these folks.

I remember the publication was looked down on by the “professionals” as being too simplistic and basic. Viva la simple! For us information marketers, simple is BETTER. That’s the main reason I use a Mac and not a PC. Sorry PC folks!

Earlier tonight I found their site after Googling GREEN SCREEN technology. When I found the site I remembered who they were and started clicking around. The site has some EXCELLENT resources. When I went to view one of the training videos it made me sign up for a 14 day trial. I had to input my credit card and they will charge it 2 weeks from now unless I say NO!.

I like this method of doing things. It gives me time to check out the site, watch some videos and assess whether or not the site is worth JOINING.

Then I saw the HUGE price tag: $25 for the YEAR! Holy crap. Ridiculously low for what you get. I would have given them $20 just for the videos I saw tonight. Don’t tell them. They may up their prices.

If you have ANY interest at all in shooting and producing videos, this is a great site for you to visit. And for $25, it’s a DEAL!

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