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Why Information Marketing Reminds Me of Directions

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Whenever I’m driving in a place I don’t know, I ALWAYS ask for directions. But why do I say that information marketing reminds me of getting directions? Here’s why.

I’m one of those guys who appears to be 180 degrees different than what John Gray claims I should be as a man. I will stop 4 times in less than 2 blocks to make sure I’m not screwing up. I HATE to get lost. So I ASK!! Repeatedly if necessary.

I don’t care if this makes me 13% female (or something LIKE that), I will continue to do it this way. My TIME is much too valuable to get my ego tied up with NOT asking for directions!

When I stop to ask for help there are FOUR words that I HATE to hear:


You wanna friggin bet?

For years I did seminars for CareerTrack. When they would send me on interesting excursions into Upstate New York or rural Louisiana, they would also include driving directions to get from one place to the next.

Some of those direction SUCKED. Badly.

Back then I did NOT have a GPS. No one did. That sucked too!

So whenever I would stop and hear those FOUR WORDS I KNEW I was in trouble. DEEP trouble. I get lost leaving my house to go buy milk at the corner grocery store. My sense of direction was removed at birth. I have NO clue where I’m going half the time and frankly, I don’t have space on my “hard drive” (read BRAIN) for this stuff.

NOPE. Instead I ask.

When people tell me those 4 words my normal response is “YES, I CAN MISS IT!” I then proceed to pull out a pen and paper and ask them to draw me a map. Most people give up on me at this point and think I’m visiting from another planet. But, this is the God’s honest truth. This is how I ROLL! Strange, but true.

Back to selling information products.

I set up systems for people and for myself. Systems that need to be precise, exact and easy. WHY? Because people get REALLY pissed off if you don’t give them clear directions. Want confirmation of this? Ask Ikea’s customer service department that handles furniture assembly! OMG!

Give me hammer and a nail and I’m not sure which hits which.

I just had an experience with a NEW system I’m using. I was trying to do something I thought was fairly easy. I did it. I then learned from someone I was TRYING to send something to that they didn’t get it as I intended.

Lucky they told me. I would NOT have known I did anything wrong.

Moral of this story?

In the information marketing business you need to make your instructions for the BIGGEST FIVE ITEMS so clear that Mr. Stupid can do them. Not clear enough. Clear enough for a MORON like me to understand them.

What’s the downside of making instructions REALLY SIMPLE? There is none. People like my WIFE who went to M.I.T. will skip over 90% of the instructions to get to the “good stuff.”

People like me will THANK YOU for making it super easy and super simple.

The reason why most people fail to do this and do it right? They skip steps in their heads. The way to get around this is whenever you put together instructions for people to do ANYTHING of ANY importance WHATSOEVER, have a Mr. Stupid (like me) around.

Make your instructions so simple and yet so COMPLETE, that I can’t “MISS IT.” Because if I CAN, trust me, I WILL!

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