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One of the things that GREAT information marketing folks do is write. A LOT and WELL. If you don’t consider yourself a good writer, don’t worry. I never thought of myself as one either. My Dad was a historian and wrote close to 20 books. It’s not mandatory in the field of information marketing that you write well, but it certainly helps.

To be honest, when I first started writing I was a POOR writer. I started to do a LOT of writing. Over time, I got better and better. At this point in time, I would consider myself to better than adequate. I would now judge my writing as GOOD. Not great, but good.

I know some REALLY good writers. Some of them are friends and still others are clients. To get better as a writer you need to write. A lot. It’s like anything else that you want to get good at. To do so, you have to practice.

Every writer is always curious to see what others think of their writing. Some people are fascinated about who their writing resembles. I just discovered a site that analyzes your writing and gives you a writer that YOUR writing most closely looks like.

The site is called I Write Like.

The site was created by a Russian programmer whose native language is not English. I can’t tell you HOW accurate his assessment of YOUR writing will be. I CAN tell you that it’s a FUN site to visit and play around with.

Is this anything EARTH SHATTERING and important? Absolutely not. It’s just a lot of fun.

What you do is go there and cut and paste some of your writing into a blank text block area. Hit one key and PRESTO, your writing is instantly analyzed.


For me it turned out to be David Foster Wallace. Much to my chagrin his life ended EARLY when he committed suicide in 2008. INTERESTING!

More interesting to me was the fact that in 2003 he started teaching at my Dad’s alma mater, Pomona College.

Like I said, the site is FUN. I’m not about to tell you that it really means anything, but who cares, go have some FUN and try it yourself! If you LIKE the results, share them with your friends. If not, go grab some anti-depressants like I did! LOL

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