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Success as a speaker is more related to your marketing abilities than your speaking abilities. Sad, but true. But to be perfectly honest, you need both. 

If you are just starting out as a speaker, here are some things you need to do. If you follow these suggestions you will be on your way to a lucrative speaking career. 

Read Aloud 

Pull a book off the shelf each night and read aloud for a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes. The only way to get better as a speaker is to practice. If you can’t practice in front of a live audience, then practice on your own. Even with the greatest marketing skills you still need to do a great job when you get up in front of a group. Reading aloud will help you to improve your “instrument.” 

Start Writing 

Similar to speaking, the only way to improve your writing skills is to write. I have a goal to write a minimum of 5,000 words a day. The only way to get better as a writer is to practice. If you learn how to write, it will dramatically help your speaking career. How? Simple. 

Speakers who have books written on their topics of expertise make substantially more money than those who don’t. My research indicates that speakers who have books generally make close to double the money than those who don’t. 

If you aren’t a great writer, don’t worry. You can always hire a great editor. If you can’t write at all you can also hire a ghost writer. I have no moral objection to this at all. As long as the ideas are yours, that’s all that matters! 

Go to Toastmasters 

Toastmasters is an organization that will help you perfect your speaking skills. They can help the new speaker to learn some of the speaking basics. They have a workbook and an agenda for any new speaker to go through. I highly recommend this group if you are just starting out as a speaker. It won’t make you an expert speaker, but it will help get you started in the right direction. Toastmasters have local branches all over the country. You can find the closest branch by visiting their website at: 

Watch Other Speakers 

Another great way to learn how to speak better is to watch others who are experts in the field. Find those speakers who you like and dissect their speeches. What do they do that makes you feel positive about them? Don’t copy them, but adapt their methodologies into your own personal style of delivery. 

Go to Seminars 

Attend seminars on how to better market your speaking business and career. I offer a number of these for beginning speakers. It’s a good idea to take these seminars for not just the content, but also for the contacts. NEVER attend a seminar that doesn’t offer you a money back guarantee. 

Start Speaking 

Speak anytime, anywhere, for free if necessary. Well, not really for free. I’ll explain that later. 

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