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Developing Your Speaking Image

Information Marketing

What kind of image are you trying to develop? If you can’t answer that question you need to think about an answer. The formation of an image is an important element of your marketing plan and strategy. 

Successful speakers almost always have an image. Some have cultivated it in a cold and calculating manner. Others have developed one without making the effort. If you can, try to carefully construct and create your own. 

The person that immediately pops into my head when I think of an image is a “veteran” speaker named Charlie “Tremendous” Jones. He is a big bear of a guy with a huge heart. If you hadn’t met him in person, you would think he was a fake. 

Whenever he sees someone, whether he knows them or not, he runs up to them and gives them this huge bear hug. 

He is one of these ultra-enthusiastic speakers who is primarily a motivator. He doesn’t give out a lot of content, but you leave an event where he has spoken feeling energized. Although I’m not normally a fan of this kind of speaker, he is someone I like a whole lot.

My goal is to cultivate the image of a high content, but very entertaining speaker on topics of marketing and other closely related issues. I also want to cultivate an image of a speaker who isn’t a prima donna and will roll with the punches when there is a problem. 

What image are you shooting for?  Start thinking about it now! 

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