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Keeping Your Books as a Speaker

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I have a very important recommendation to give you here. Don’t try to do your own taxes. Leave that to an expert. I have been working with someone for years who I trust. His is the only name that I give out at seminars or put into print. His name is Chris Trinka. His number is 212-628-3139. 

No matter where you are located, he can work with you. He works with a lot of my friends and clients. In addition to that, he knows speakers and how their businesses work. 

In order to save you money when you go to Chris or any accountant, do the following: first, make a copy of every check that comes in, then attach a copy of that check or checks to the deposit ticket you get from the bank when you make a deposit. 

Second, on the deposit ticket where the money came from, write the name of the client and what the money was for. 

Finally, every month take all of your deposit tickets and summarize the deposits to let you know exactly where your money came from. 

On the expense side, I highly recommend that you use just one credit card for business purposes, preferably a platinum card so they will give you a summary at the end of the year. Take any and all cash receipts and immediately write the date on them and what the expense was for. When you get home, have one place where you keep receipts. Then summarize them at the end of the month and put them into an envelope. 

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