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People do a lot of obsessing about what to name their speaking/consulting company. Keep it simple for the best results. 

I made a big mistake when I first got started. I decided that I needed to give my speaking business a fancy name. I came up with “Growth Resources.” This was a big mistake. Not only because of the name, but because I incorporated before I should have. Refer to the section on speaker finances for more information on that issue. 

My organization is now called Fred Gleeck Productions. I suggest you come up with something similar. Use your name when you name your speaking business. That way, when you get good press, it will accrue to you directly, and not some nebulous organization like Growth Resources. 

So make sure to use your name when you name your speaking business. Many speakers will disagree with me. Some call their organizations the blah, blah, blah institute. I think that this looks like you are taking yourself altogether too seriously. 

Maybe it’s just a matter of style, but I think your clients are suitably unimpressed by this attempt to elevate yourself and your organization by using a pretentious name. 

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