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Public Seminar Companies

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Public seminar companies are those large organizations that send out massive numbers of brochures promoting every seminar topic you could possibly imagine. 

If you aren’t on their lists, get on them. The public seminar companies would include Dunn and Bradstreet, Padgett Thompson, SkillPath and The Covey Institute. Watch what they are promoting. 

This will give you a good idea of which topics are hot. They are very rarely innovators, but they are very good followers. Watch what they do and learn. They aren’t in business to lose money. 

For four years I worked with one of the biggest ones in the world: CareerTrack. Now defunct. 

It was a very interesting experience. If people ask if me if I’d do it again, on balance I’d have to say no. There are pluses and minuses in working with a public seminar; you can decide for yourself. 


First, the positives. You get an awful lot of experience doing these gigs. For four years I spent 100 or more days doing primarily full-day seminars. This is incredibly great experience, but it’s also tremendously exhausting. 

You will also get plenty of practice doing product sales. Even though the products are not your own, this experience is invaluable to you. 


You should know that most professional speakers look down their noses at people who work with these public seminar companies. You are looked at as if you couldn’t quite make the big leagues when you work with them. 

The problem with working with them is that you tend to get stuck working with them.You make enough money so that some people have a tendency to get lazy. If you want to make really big money you should be using this experience as a stepping stone, not as the end all and be all. 

The routine involves driving from city to city each day. You usually have to drive at least two hours, get up the next morning and do another full day seminar. Most weeks you have to work at least 4 days. This is tremendously exhausting. 


You can expect to get paid somewhere in the $500 a day range. What this will do is keep you at the subsistence level as a speaker. You will be able to tell your friends and family that you speak professionally, but you won’t be making any serious money. 

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