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The story is told of the guy who wants to take a trip. He goes to the airport. When he gets to the airline counter he approaches the ticket agent. He says:  “I’d like a ticket.” 

The ticket agent asks him where he wants to go. He says:  “I’m not quite sure.”  The agent then follows up with the question, “When do you want to leave?”  He responds:  “I’m not sure of that either.” 

It is clear that this individual is going one place:  NOWHERE! 

Unless you have some very specific goals for your speaking business, the chances of achieving maximum success are minimal. The big questions for you will be defining what success is to you. It will be different for everyone. 

The first step is to decide what it is you truly want. 

You will hear a lot of speakers pay a lot of lip service as to how they want to “help change lives.”  Granted, you will hopefully touch a lot of peoples’ hearts. To be honest, whenever I hear speakers talking this way it sounds incredibly disingenuous. You get the feeling that they say these things more because they are supposed to than because they truly mean it. 

Whatever your goals, you need to first make sure that they are your own, that your goals have not been established by your parents, your spouse, or anyone else whom you are trying to please. How do you do this?  I have to be honest, I really don’t know. 

But probably the best way is to visualize yourself already achieving the goal that you set for yourself and see how you feel. Does it feel right? Does it feel good?  Are you happy when you picture this? Get a hold of a Brian Tracy program on goal setting. This will help you attain your goals as a speaker much more quickly. Another option is to come to one of my speaking bootcamps. 

My goal is to NET $1,000,000 a year without any employees. What’s yours?

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