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Time Management for Speakers

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Go to a Franklin-Covey seminar. This will be your biggest help in learning how to manage your time as a speaker. 

I actually leave the office when I want to get something done. I leave the cell phone behind and head to the library or my local Barnes and Noble. I can usually be two or three times more productive. 

Find out which times of day you are most productive. Some people can do their best work early in the morning, others late in the evening; don’t fight it. Go with what works for you. I have written most of this book in the first few hours after I get up in the morning, the very early hours before business actually gets started. 

Remember, as a speaker you need to be writing as well as speaking. 

Don’t put off doing the other things you need to do to be successful. These elements are as important your speaking. Try to do all of your marketing related activities during normal business hours. It is tough to reach people (if that is what your marketing efforts entail) after business hours. So leave those times reserved for only those activities. 

Do all of your other errands at times when you can’t be in contact with people to sell yourself and your speaking services. 

Other than these few suggestions, I suggest you speak to the true experts on the topic, the people at Franklin-Covey. 

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  1. Lee Toelke on March 5th, 2010 3:03 pm

    As a marketer for the last five years i try to visit on as many blog as possible, by doing so i keep myself in the loop for new ideas. The info you have supplied has given me a great idea that i plan to integrate into my site. I also plan on giving your site address to my list, so they too can find new ideas.

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